What is superfood?

What is superfood?

You can hear the word “superfood” quite often even in the regular grocery store. If you look at the labels – it is there as well. What kind of benefits do products labeled as “superfood” have or is it really a marketing catch? First, let’s take a look at the actual meaning of this word. I googled it and here is what I got:

Superfood is a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being.”

Then, I looked at Wikipedia and surprisingly discovered a totaly different meaning. Here it is,

Superfood is a marketing term used to describe foods with supposed health benefits…
The term is not in common use by dietitians and nutrition scientists, many of whom dispute that particular foodstuffs have the health benefits often claimed by advocates of particular superfoods.”

I researched on it more and found some guidance in one of the health magazines that made sense to me. Take a look at those four points and see if they really describe food that is good for your health.
1. Nutrient Density – density of nutrients in particular food. It is a measurement of how much of any particular nutrient the food contains. (vitamin A, C, minerals, etc.)
2. Nutrient Diversity – how diverse a collection of nutrients is. For example, food that supplies as much nutrition as possible from one food sourse is more nutrient diverse.
3. Phytonutrient content – plant derived nutrients that have significant health benefits.
4. Toxins free – pretty obvious one. Superfoods should give your body as much nutrition as possible, but they should not take away from you anything either. Check the product label if it is a Certified Organic or the sources where ingredients came from.

There are a lot of products on the market from tinctures to powders that have just a couple of specific plants or ingredients. I prefer a blend of different plant sources as a combination of them works more effectively. The green powder that I use every morning in my shake is “Greens!” by Isagenix. It tastes great just diluted in water and it is gluten-free as well. Check it out, I think it is great value for your money.

There is some room for debate as the word “superfood” can mean different things for two different persons or even practitioners. So, make sure you have some guiding principles of what it means for you and read the label carefully.


What should I know about Isagenix Greens!?

Isagenix Greens! contains a superior combination of quality, nutrient-rich plants in one convenient scoop, so you can complement the recommended 3-5 servings of vegetables every day. Fast and convenient, Isagenix Greens! also contain antioxidants, rice fiber and prebiotics to support healthy digestion.
How can I benefit from using Isagenix Greens!?
Isagenix Greens! is a delicious formulation sourced from only the highest-quality green plants, specialized herbs and vegetables in one convenient 30-calorie scoop. The nutrient-dense whole-food concentrates contained in Isagenix Greens! works to balance and support digestive health.
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