Sprouting 101

Sprouting 101

Spring is the season of rejuvination. As the nature is waking up from long winter months, our bodies are adjusting to season changes as well. It is a gret season to cleanse your body and adjust your nutrition to include more vegetables, some fruits, and … sprouts!

I usually start sprouting at the end of February. In spring our bodies are low on natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes as there are very limited supply of freshly grown vegetables and fruits. That’s why sprouting is amazing way to boost your nutrition with nature goodness. Because sprouts are “live food” they have lots of minerals and live enzymes. Plus they taste great and can add some flavour (sometimes I even use sprouts instead of spices) in salads, shakes, smoothies, soups, sandwiches, etc.

So how to make life happen from the seeds?

There are three basic steps to follow.

1. Put 2 tbsp of seeds in a glass jar and pour water so that all seeds are fully covered. On top I put two or three layers of cheesecloth and secure it with elastic. Some seed will sink, while others will stay floating. Leave seed soaking in the water overnight. Rinse with fresh water in the morning and have them soaking again. You continue doing this step until you see seeds start opening up and a tiny white sprouting tail shows up.

Starting sprouts












2. Wash seeds with water and this time turn the jar upside down. At this point you want to have seeds wet, but not sunk in the water completely. They need some air to breath. Wash seeds every 4 – 5 hrs. Keep the jar in the well lightented space. I have them on my dish rack (it is on top of the sink). Continue this step until your spouts grow longer tails and become greenish.

3. Take a clear pot tray, put some garden soil there, mois it really well and spread sprouts over it. Leave this container in well lit place, but without direct sunlight. Sprouts and soil should be mois all the time. So, spray your sprouts often. It takes about 2 days to see the green stems and tiny sprouting leaves to show up. Cut them and enjoy!

Sprouting step 3

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