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As the new year starts everyone is getting focused on their new year resolutions list. Guess what is #1 for most people? It’s not hard to guess as for number of years it is weight loss. Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of what you have eaten during a day, how much exercise you have done and if you are on track with your weight loss goal.

As my mentor says “The best thing to keep you focused on your goal is to record everything that you eat and everything that you do for a week and see if there is an alignment with your goals.”

What an amazing advice! Here are some cool gadgets and apps to help you monitor your activities on the go.

Recommended Fitness Apps

1) The free Lose It! app for Android and iPhone is a handy tool to help you with specific weight loss goal, such as “Lose 10 lbs in one month”. You can enter what you have eaten and it will calculate calorie intake as well as nutritional profile listing such as fat, sugar, sodium, protein, etc. You can track your goal or progress on the app or online on company’s website The company claims that about 96% of users who use this app for at least four weeks do lose weight.

2) Another great app is where you can map, record and share your exercise routes and workouts in an online database. In addition there are online online training tools, nutrition tracking, fitness calculators, event listings, and the ability to easily share their activities with friends.

3) Check out website as it offers a lot of tracking tools for your nutrition as well as fitness activities. For example, if you record your fitness activity it will log the amount of calories you lost. It also offers a lot of resources (articles, videos, etc.) about nutrition and fitness routines depending on a goal you want to achieve. It is available for your smartphones as well.

4) If your kids like video games, you can join them with Wii Fit or Xbox 360 with Kinect. Have some quality time with your kids plus the benefit of light to moderate exercise could be fun for the whole family.

5) The last and my favourite one is TRX Suspension system training. It is very convenient workout equipment as you can take it with you anywhere you go. It is very light, easy to install no matter where you are. Whether you are in a hotel, your home basement, out in a cottage you can have a full body workout with minimum set up time. Try different fitness routines targeted for specific body parts that are prepared by fitness professionals available in a video format on the company’s website

There are lots more apps designed for you. Assess what you really need to monitor and track, read apps reviews, and choose the one that fits your needs.  Happy tracking … and shaping!

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