Body Cleanse vs. Fasting

Body Cleanse vs. Fasting

You may hear a lot these days about different types of body cleanse products for different parts of your body and looking at detox products for weight loss on the shelves of your local health store.  A lot of times we are confusing “body cleansing” or detoxification with “fasting”.  When I was telling my friends that I am having my cleanse day and I can’t eat my lunch, they thought right away “Oh, my God! How can you not eat all day long…”  Of course, they were thinking about “fasting”, not “cleansing”. So let’s explore what is the difference between these two.


What is fasting?  Fasting is giving your body a complete break from food.  Since the majority of our energy goes to digesting the food that we eat, if there is no food that needs to be digested your body will suddenly have a lot more free energy than usual, and it will use this energy to work on things that it normally doesn’t have enough time for, such as healing old wounds that never finished healing properly, building new cells, and removing built-up toxins that have been in your body for years.

During a fast your body goes into a self cleansing mode and when this happen many health problems that people have been living with for years are finally able to heal.  There were cases when older people who have lost their vision over the years have actually regained their eye sight while fasting, younger people with acne and other skin problems have developed clear skin while fasting, and even people with life threatening health problems such as cancer have miraculously been healed through fasting.  Our bodies have the ability to heal themselves of virtually anything, but if your body is full of toxins and you eat foods that are so difficult to digest that the food that you ate a week ago is still inside of you the inside of your body will be a toxic environment where disease can easily manifest and thrive, and fasting is the best way to give your
body a chance to work its magic and do what it is truly capable of doing.

There are several types of fasting.

  • A “Water Fast” is where you consume only water for an extended period of time. This type of fasting is not suitable for everyone, especially if you are new to fasting or have certain health conditions.
  • A “Juice Fast” is where you consume only fruit and vegetable juices for an extended period of time. “Juice Fasting” is a lot easier than “Water Fasting” because drinking juice will provide you with some calories, as well as an enormous amount of vitamins and minerals.  Plus if you drink 8 – 10 big glasses of juice a day it is highly unlikely that you will feel any bad hunger pains during the fast.


Cleansing is similar to fasting in a way that you are also giving your body a break from any solid food, so that your body can use its internal energy for removing toxins from your body.  Four hours after eating our liver goes into cleanse mode, 6 – 8 hours – our body burns sugar, 24 hours – body burns fat.  Now think about how much we like snacking in between meals.  When we are having our snacks too often, our body never has a chance to go into self-cleansing mode.

Cleansing is different from fasting in a way that you don’t let your body to go into hibernation mode where it tries to save energy and resources for future.  During cleanse you need to take some nutrients in a liquid form (I call it “liquid nutrition”) to keep your body in the active state.  Herbal teas (without caffeine, meaning green and black teas are not an option) will help you greatly.  I love to use rooibos, mate or other herbal tea blends with dried berries or fruit pieces.  Some stores that sell loose leaf teas have a separate section of herbal teas for detoxification.  Tea will give your body some calories plus a lot of vitamins and minerals to get your metabolism going.  You can also use liquid greens or special cleansing drinks available at health stores. My favourite is Cleanse for Life by Isagenix that was specifically formulated for a deep cleanse on a cellular level.

Cleansing works best for weight loss as it eliminates the root cause of the problem – toxins plus it balances and nourishes your body.  Take a look at the diagram below to see how cleansing is different from dieting.

Cleanse vs Diet

Have a healthy day and watch for my next post…

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